The Eternal Glow Up of JLo (Elle Magazine – February 2021)
January 14

With the launch of her first-ever beauty line, the tireless force is bringing her secret sauce for aging backward to a Sephora near you.

Jennifer Lopez is 51 years old. This is important to note right away, because you are likely looking at the photographs that accompany this profile and thinking to yourself, Wait, how old is JLo again? Because it’s not that Lopez “looks good for her age,” it’s that she somehow looks even better than she did when she was in her twenties and thirties, when she originally hit the scene and became part of the first wave of pop music’s Latin explosion. She looks even better now than when she rocked that famous Versace jungle-print dress, which led to the invention of Google Images, for God’s sake—defying, in the process, all the rules of Hollywood, of celebrity, and possibly of the concept of time itself.

Now we are in the midst of another Latin explosion, and Lopez is still here, going head to head and toe to toe with the new wave of brilliant Latin performers like Bad Bunny and Maluma. “I was part of that [first wave], and that was Latin artists coming over and singing in English, but now this is such a different thing. This is Spanish music becoming American music, becoming global music,” Lopez tells me over Zoom. Wearing a neon-
pink crewneck sweater and thick gold hoops, with her hair pulled back in a high bun, she is sitting inside a conference room in a nondescript office in Los Angeles, the setting sun reflecting in the window behind her, at one point setting behind her right ear and giving her an otherworldly glow. Throughout our conversation, she takes sips of water from a pink bedazzled tumbler with a straw, a signature accessory that was once available for sale in a similar style at the official JLo store, and has since yielded copycat versions on Etsy. (Want a glamorous way to enjoy your drink like Jennifer Lopez?) Her face is, of course, flawless. Subtle browns and bronzes on her eyes and cheeks, a glossy pink lipstick. It’s the kind of face that brings to mind the word effortless.

Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21 Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21 Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21 Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21 Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21

Golden Globe Awards 2020
January 06

Jennifer is in attendance at tonight’s Golden Globe Awards, where she is nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture (Hustlers). Jennifer lost her nomination tonight, but she did look amazing. Photos are below.

Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020

December 11

We see Ramona do a final flourish and walk down the stage. As Jennifer Lopez remembers it, that’s how an early draft of the “Hustlers” script described her character’s first scene. The “flourish” turned into something much more elaborate: an extended pole dance in which Lopez, dressed in something close to nothing, spins, twists and kicks through a display of erotic athleticism that ends with a strip club full of patrons roaring and cheering, the stage carpeted with dollar bills and a struggling young dancer named Destiny (played by Constance Wu) in a state of slack-jawed adoration. “Doesn’t money make you horny?” Ramona asks Destiny as she heads for the roof, where she stretches out in her fur coat and lights a cigarette.

The pole work, which required six weeks of training with a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, was Lopez’s idea. She explained the genesis of the scene on a gray afternoon in November, almost exactly two months after “Hustlers,” shot in 29 days on a relatively low budget the previous spring, opened, becoming one of the few nonfranchise hits of the movie year. “I said to Lorene” — Scafaria, who wrote and directed “Hustlers” — “that we have to see why Ramona is the star of the club. We can’t say it. We have to show it. I’m going to do this amazing dance. I don’t know what it is, but it’s going to be good. And from there you will see that she has total control of the club and the crowd, and Destiny is going to fall in love. She can’t help it.”

Lopez was drinking cappuccino in a cafe attached to Pier 59 Studios, a photography studio on the West Side of Manhattan. She paused our conversation for a moment of mutual-admiration pantomime with the designer Vera Wang, who was in the building for a different shoot. As tech crews, publicists and security details went about their business, there was some pointing, head-swiveling and whispering. Even in this celebrity-saturated space, Lopez commanded attention.

Jennifer Lopez Reveals One Thing Her Wedding Dress Most Definitely Won’t Be
October 30

Months into her engagement with Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez has finally dropped a wedding dress hint — and the tiny tidbit actually reveals a lot about the direction she might be going with her gown. Spoiler alert? She may be big on both fashion and drama, but her wedding dress will be anything but (big, that is).

On Monday, Lopez attended the 2019 Governors Awards, where she caught up with Extra’s Terri Seymour. Talk invariably turned to the new film the entertainer has been working on: Marry Me, which is slated for release on Jan. 1, 2020. In the film, Lopez plays a pop superstar jilted by her rockstar fiancé moments before their wedding at Madison Square Garden, so she marries a random guy from the crowd instead. And you know what that means, right? There will be at least one wedding gown in the rom-com. As a matter of fact, Lopez has already been spotted filming in a stunning Zuhair Murad dress.

2019 Governors Awards 2019 Governors Awards 2019 Governors Awards 2019 Governors Awards 2019 Governors Awards

Knowing this, Seymour asked Lopez whether being in bridal couture for the film was giving Lopez any inspiration for her real-life nuptials. “I know I don’t want one as big as I’m wearing in the movie,” she exclaimed, adding, “That one is a lot to carry around… too big!”

Jennifer Lopez unveils her new fragrance, ‘Promise’
September 27

Jennifer Lopez has been working on a new fragrance.

The perfume, which is now on sale online at Ulta Beauty and set to roll out in stores on September 28, is described as “the essence of a multifaceted and powerful woman.” It features top notes of Italian tangerine, pink berries and nashi pea, a middle of orris, jasmine sambac and dewy honeysuckle and a woody, crystallized amber base.

Promise Pop Up Shop Promise Pop Up Shop Promise Pop Up Shop Promise Pop Up Shop Promise Pop Up Shop

The superstar, 50, took to Instagram to share the news of the drop with her 101 million followers, posting images from the official announcement alongside the message “Today was SOOOO special!!!” She also offered fans a glimpse of the official campaign imagery, which sees her posing in a slinky, metallic dress.

“Working with the force that is Jennifer Lopez to create something truly unique in the category has been inspiring,” Parag Vidyarthi, managing director of the license holder for Lopez’s fragrances, Designer Parfums, told WWD. “As the ultimate visionary and creative partner, Jennifer was steadfast in her pursuit to ensure Promise delivers the powerful emotional fragrance experience women are seeking.”

JLo Starts The Promotion Trail For Second Act!
December 12

Jennifer Lopez is on the promo trail, promoting her upcoming film, Second Act, which hits theaters next week. As part of the promotion schedule, she was on The Tonight Show. She also filmed her interviews for The Daily Show, which will air tomorrow (Dec 12), and Watch What Happens Live, which will air Thursday (Dec 13)

You can watch the interview below or check out the photos in our gallery!

Jennifer Lopez In Second Act Jennifer Lopez In Second Act Jennifer Lopez In Second Act Jennifer Lopez In Second Act Jennifer Lopez In Second Act
Music Video: Te Guste
November 08

Bad Bunny had said, “I barely said a word to her because I was so nervous. I felt the pressure“, adding: “She’s a total professional, a diva, a mega-star, not just in music but in the entertainment industry. You always learn from the greats, and J.Lo is one.” The Fader called the track reggaeton and a “long-awaited” collaboration. According to Suzette Fernandez of Billboard, the song’s lyrics feature an exchange “when a couple meet for the first time, like each other and are remembering that moment.

The music video was directed by Mike Ho. Check it out below

Jennifer Lopez on Her Power Bossness, ‘Second Act’ and A-Rod
October 31

It was supposed to be Jennifer Lopez’s day off. Cue visions of her lounging by her infinity pool in Bel-Air, friends hanging, tunes turned up. Instead, Lopez, the multihyphenate performer, producer and branding maven, held a half-dozen business meetings in her home here, from early morning until sundown, on ambitious ventures ranging from real estate to fitness.

A studio head was there, some developer types, marketing people, her TV and film producing partner, her manager and Alex Rodriguez, her boyfriend. The couple were hoping to have dinner together, but “you see what goes on around here,” she said, unapologetically, as they went over the day’s agenda.

A gracious Bel-Air mansion — complete with mini-waterfalls (yes, plural), fireplaces blazing in even empty rooms, and two bunnies that belong to Lopez’s 10-year-old twins — might seem an unlikely spot to transform into a C-suite. But when Lopez moved in two years ago, she designed an office like a boardroom, complete with big conference table. It just happens to be next to the couture-filled space where she gets her hair and makeup done. And so she whisks in, half-dolled up, to present her opinions and outsize ideas, and she sells them: J. Lo Inc., in action.

Natalia Mantini for The New York Times Natalia Mantini for The New York Times Natalia Mantini for The New York Times Natalia Mantini for The New York Times Natalia Mantini for The New York Times

Jennifer Lopez Knows She’s at the Top of Her Game
October 24

Jennifer Lopez is sitting by the pool behind her Bel-Air mansion, waiting for two staffers to move an umbrella closer to her chair and thinking about how her life could have turned out very differently. She sends a quick text to boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, takes a sip of ice water, and sits still for a moment while a stylist applies a piece of double-stick tape to the plunging neckline of her Alexandre Vauthier dress so there will be no cleavage mishaps during a TV appearance later in the afternoon. Then Lopez reflects on how close she came to ending up as a bank teller in the Bronx.

“If I didn’t have certain ambitions, I might have gotten married after high school and had kids and decided to get a job at a bank in Castle Hill, like my aunt did,” says the New York native. “It’s just that I had dreams and ideas that were different.”

Lopez, who turns 50 in July, has been pondering her life path a lot lately. It’s partly because in her new movie, Second Act, she plays a character whom she describes as “soooo me” — an outer-borough girl with no connections and no college degree who suddenly finds herself across the river in Manhattan, navigating a world of glamour and power and Madison Avenue shopping sprees. It’s also because Lopez, after almost three decades of relentlessly public highs and lows, now understands herself better than she used to. A mother of 10-year-old twins (with ex-husband Marc Anthony) who meditates daily while juggling the jobs of actor, singer, Vegas performer, producer, reality-show judge, etc., etc., she has developed the kind of confidence that makes it easier to talk about her insecurities. Shortly after her breakout film, Selena, came out in 1997, Lopez remembers, she was speaking with a cousin whom she has known since she was young. “He said that whenever he saw me on TV or in movies, he thought, ‘She’s scared, but she’s doing it anyway.’ And he was absolutely right — I was terrified. But I really wanted to try. I wanted to do it.”

Anthony Maule for InStyle Anthony Maule for InStyle Anthony Maule for InStyle Anthony Maule for InStyle Anthony Maule for InStyle

JLo Performs At Billboard Music Awards
May 20

JLo took the stage tonight to perform her latest single, “Dinero”. People can’t stop talking about this performance and how she stole the show! Get into the performance below.

Dinero (Billboard 2018) from Forever JLo on Vimeo.

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