Skydance Partners With Jennifer Lopez For Rodgers & Hammerstein Originals
July 14

In things you thought you’d never see together in the news, multi-hyphenate superstar Jennifer Lopez is teaming up with Skydance and Concord. They’ll develop original TV series and films based on the Rodgers & Hammerstein catalog.

We’re so excited to begin our association with Skydance and Concord in reinterpreting some of the most classic musicals and bringing them to life in new ways for a new generation,” Lopez tells The Hollywood Reporter.

First on the books? Oklahoma! Of course.

Skydance has been developing a TV series based on Rodger & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma! since 2019. Yes, you heard that right. You’ll be getting your dose of “The Surrey with the Fringe on Top” via a modern-day TV series adaptation. But don’t expect the Oklahoma! you’re used to. Skydance has vowed to “feature music that will be reimagined for a contemporary audience as well as new tunes to support the story.”

By partnering with Lopez, it seems Skydance means it. Though we don’t know if JLo will be part of the music development of the show. Concord handles rights for a large catalog of Broadway shows. They are a current co-producer of Alanis Morrissette’s musical, Jagged Little Pill, but also count Wizard of Oz, A Chorus Line, Hello Dolly!, Bye Bye Birdie, Dreamgirls, Hair, and Gypsy among the many popular shows in their catalog.

JLo has been on a hot streak. Since starring in the critically acclaimed Hustlers, she has been busy. She launched a skin care line, performed at Biden’s Presidential Inauguration, filmed a movie, broke up an engagement, and got back together with her ex, Ben Affleck. Under the current contract, Lopez has an option to star in at least one of the projects, and personally, I am daydreaming about watching JLo as Morales in A Chorus Line, but you know, Gypsy will do too.


JLo Performing at Global Citizen Live 2021
July 13

Jennifer Lopez has been tapped to perform at Global Citizen Live. The event will call upon businesses and philanthropists to donate resources to fight famine and restore at least one billion felled trees by 2022, among other initiatives tackling poverty and the climate crisis. It will air on ABC, ABC News Live, the BBC, FX, iHeartRadio, Hulu, YouTube, and Twitter, alongside other international outlets, according to Billboard. Global Citizen Live will air online and on television on September 25.

Behind The Music
July 10

Behind The Music, a popular TV show that first aired in the 90s, is back and coming directly to Paramount+. The new season will include other big names like Duran Duran, LL CoolJ, Ricky Martin, and more.

On the flipside, it looks like we will have to wait awhile before we get to see J.Lo’s episode.

“Jennifer Lopez also appears in the new trailer, but her episode won’t be aired until the second half of the season, additional names for which are yet to come.”


Check back soon for an update on when Jennifer’s episode will air.

The Eternal Glow Up of JLo (Elle Magazine – February 2021)
January 14

With the launch of her first-ever beauty line, the tireless force is bringing her secret sauce for aging backward to a Sephora near you.

Jennifer Lopez is 51 years old. This is important to note right away, because you are likely looking at the photographs that accompany this profile and thinking to yourself, Wait, how old is JLo again? Because it’s not that Lopez “looks good for her age,” it’s that she somehow looks even better than she did when she was in her twenties and thirties, when she originally hit the scene and became part of the first wave of pop music’s Latin explosion. She looks even better now than when she rocked that famous Versace jungle-print dress, which led to the invention of Google Images, for God’s sake—defying, in the process, all the rules of Hollywood, of celebrity, and possibly of the concept of time itself.

Now we are in the midst of another Latin explosion, and Lopez is still here, going head to head and toe to toe with the new wave of brilliant Latin performers like Bad Bunny and Maluma. “I was part of that [first wave], and that was Latin artists coming over and singing in English, but now this is such a different thing. This is Spanish music becoming American music, becoming global music,” Lopez tells me over Zoom. Wearing a neon-
pink crewneck sweater and thick gold hoops, with her hair pulled back in a high bun, she is sitting inside a conference room in a nondescript office in Los Angeles, the setting sun reflecting in the window behind her, at one point setting behind her right ear and giving her an otherworldly glow. Throughout our conversation, she takes sips of water from a pink bedazzled tumbler with a straw, a signature accessory that was once available for sale in a similar style at the official JLo store, and has since yielded copycat versions on Etsy. (Want a glamorous way to enjoy your drink like Jennifer Lopez?) Her face is, of course, flawless. Subtle browns and bronzes on her eyes and cheeks, a glossy pink lipstick. It’s the kind of face that brings to mind the word effortless.

Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21 Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21 Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21 Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21 Jennifer Lopez for Elle Magazine Feb 21

Super Bowl Halftime Show
February 03

We have waited for years it seems, for Jennifer to get her chance and the world’s biggest stage. Tonight she did just that. Watch the full performance below!

Golden Globe Awards 2020
January 06

Jennifer is in attendance at tonight’s Golden Globe Awards, where she is nominated for Best Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture (Hustlers). Jennifer lost her nomination tonight, but she did look amazing. Photos are below.

Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020 Jennifer Lopez Golden Globe Awards 2020

Screen Actors Guild Nomination
December 12

It’s been an incredible week for Jennifer Lopez.

The entertainer was nominated for her first Screen Actors Guild Award on Wednesday, receiving a nod in the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Supporting Role category for her role as Ramona in Hustlers. Following the exciting news, J.Lo took to social media to say thank you and send struggling actors a message of support.

I don’t think I’ve ever been nominated for a SAG Award before,” Lopez, 50, begins. “I am so excited and so humbled to be recognized by my fellow actors out there. You know, acting was my first love, along with dancing and I just, I just can’t believe all this is happening.

December 11

We see Ramona do a final flourish and walk down the stage. As Jennifer Lopez remembers it, that’s how an early draft of the “Hustlers” script described her character’s first scene. The “flourish” turned into something much more elaborate: an extended pole dance in which Lopez, dressed in something close to nothing, spins, twists and kicks through a display of erotic athleticism that ends with a strip club full of patrons roaring and cheering, the stage carpeted with dollar bills and a struggling young dancer named Destiny (played by Constance Wu) in a state of slack-jawed adoration. “Doesn’t money make you horny?” Ramona asks Destiny as she heads for the roof, where she stretches out in her fur coat and lights a cigarette.

The pole work, which required six weeks of training with a Cirque du Soleil acrobat, was Lopez’s idea. She explained the genesis of the scene on a gray afternoon in November, almost exactly two months after “Hustlers,” shot in 29 days on a relatively low budget the previous spring, opened, becoming one of the few nonfranchise hits of the movie year. “I said to Lorene” — Scafaria, who wrote and directed “Hustlers” — “that we have to see why Ramona is the star of the club. We can’t say it. We have to show it. I’m going to do this amazing dance. I don’t know what it is, but it’s going to be good. And from there you will see that she has total control of the club and the crowd, and Destiny is going to fall in love. She can’t help it.”

Lopez was drinking cappuccino in a cafe attached to Pier 59 Studios, a photography studio on the West Side of Manhattan. She paused our conversation for a moment of mutual-admiration pantomime with the designer Vera Wang, who was in the building for a different shoot. As tech crews, publicists and security details went about their business, there was some pointing, head-swiveling and whispering. Even in this celebrity-saturated space, Lopez commanded attention.

Golden Globe Nomination
December 10

Congrats are in order, as Jennifer has officially been nominated in the Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture category for her role as Ramona in Hustlers.

Could not be prouder to be recognized by the HFPA,” she wrote via the social network on Monday. “Ramona was a complicated character and it was an honor and challenge to bring her to life. Hustlers was a labor of love, sweat and perseverance written, directed, produced, edited and starring a group of bad-ass women. I am proud and honored to represent them and this film!!!!

This wasn’t the first time Lopez had been recognized by the HFPA. She was also in the running for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) in 1998 for her role in Selena. However, Helen Hunt won the award for her performance in As Good as It Gets.

Oscars Love A Comeback: Is Jennifer Lopez next?
October 30

This singer, dancer and actress began as a Fly Girl on the comedy skit show “In Living Color.” She made a splash in her first lead role in the 1997 biopic “Selena,” which earned her a Golden Globe nomination while becoming the first Latina actress to earn more than $1 million for a film. She would go on to star in action thriller “Anaconda” that same year and earned positive reviews opposite George Clooney in the 1998 sexy crime comedy “Out of Sight.” J.Lo also found crossover success on the pop charts as a singer. But her big-screen career took a nosedive after starring in the 2003 turkey “Gigli” that also starred her then-beau Ben Affleck. Her last positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes was the 1998 animated film “Antz.” Lately, she has become better known as a reality TV talent competition judge on “American Idol” for five seasons and on “World of Dance,” which she executive-produces.

Comeback blueprint: From her provocative opening pole-dance entrance that leaves her drowning in tossed dollar bills to her character’s eventual arrest, Lopez — glorious at age 50 — owns “Hustlers” like a ballsy boss. As slinky ringleader Ramona, the actress takes charge of this true story of how a pack of strippers after the 2008 stock market collapse at a Manhattan club swindled their Wall Street clients out of cash by drugging their drinks and maxing out their credit cards. While Constance Wu is the good-hearted take-it-off ingenue whose back story drives the plot, Lopez gladly slips into a supporting role that allows her to have the most skimpily-clad fun — even tantalizing Usher on stage — while wallowing in a sea of luxury brands and tony surroundings bought with her ill-gotten gains.

Current Gold Derby combined Oscar odds status: With 6/1 odds, J.Lo is sitting pretty on the supporting actress chart at No. 2, tucked between Laura Dern as a tough divorce lawyer in “Marriage Story” and Annette Bening as Senator Dianne Feinstein in “The Report.” Currently, 2,086 users are predicting she will be nominated while 304 say she will win. Her main competition, both previous Oscar nominees without any wins, are considered overdue. But can they twirl half-naked around a pole in six-inch stiletto heels?


Forever Jennifer Lopez